The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show

Start the morning with The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show weekdays from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

Where Did the Name Come From?

Instead of calling the show ‘The Gregg and Chris Show,’ which by all estimations would have been the most boring sounding radio show in the world, the decision was made to call it The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show, which seemed far more attention-grabbing. It was admittedly nothing more than a cheap ploy to get people to listen under the false pretense that they may actually have a chance to win beer and/or hot wings. It was not intended that those two things would become permanently synonymous and attached to Gregg and Chris as nicknames, but that’s what happened and now they have to live with the consequences of their B.S. forever.

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Metallica M72 World Tour

Metallica's M72 World Tour

Listen for your chance to win a trip to the opening of Metallica’s M72 US Tour! 2 nights, 2 different sets, NO repeats!